• Lai Weng Hong

    Lai Weng Hong

  • Pedro Lealdino Filho

    Pedro Lealdino Filho

    Mathematics Education Ph.D. and Computer Science Teacher based in Brazil. Photographer. Data Science and Stock Market enthusiast. Building wealth through data.

  • Areerat Goo

    Areerat Goo

  • Rob Clapp

    Rob Clapp

    Rob Clapp claps for posts about clapping that receive many claps from others, others that are not Clapps.

  • Amit Shreiber

    Amit Shreiber

    I am a M.Sc. student in Industrial Engineering, Data Science Specialization

  • Jason bez

    Jason bez

  • Udi Makov

    Udi Makov

  • Smarth Gupta

    Smarth Gupta

    MS in Data Science student @Columbia University | BS in Economics from @IITKanpur | Data Scientist @Spiny AI

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